Old Dutch Classic Bats is dedicated to the production of high-quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing baseball bats. Our focus is historical baseball bats from the mid-1800s through the turn of the century.

The designs of our bats begin with a passion for the national game and are the result of exhaustive research and strict dedication to historical standards.

All bats are made from best ash and maple, and adhere to pro standards for moisture content and slope of grain assuring max durability and performance.

The Red Stocking
Fat Classic
The Senator
Aerodynamic Classic
The Gotham
Wide Handle
The Gladiator
Mushroom Knob


Nothing says 19th century base ball like a classic hand-turned bat.

  • Maple Wood
  • Light Stain
  • Old Dutch Sticker
  • Choice of Wood
  • Up to 4 Rings Any Color
  • Any Premium Stain
  • Old Dutch Sticker
  • Choice of Wood
  • Monogrammed
  • Up to 5 Rings Any Color
  • Any Premium Stain
  • Old Dutch Sticker

Old Dutch Classic Bats

“A study of vintage base ball revealed a culture even I didn’t fully understand — one where the game is played for the sheer joy of it and where participants behave as proper sportsmen and ladies.”


  Old Dutch wrote a few weeks ago about Amos Rusie, a flame-throwing Giant who inspired the modern pitching rubber distance of 60 feet, 6-inches. Granted, he was of a different era, but how could a guy with more than 2,000 career strikeouts and such a profound influence on the game’s evolution exist so anonymously

  There were women who blazed the trail for females in base ball going back even before Susan B. Anthony and her suffragist movement. In 1882, Eliza Green, who grew up in the same Rochester, NY neighborhood as Miss Anthony, became the official scorekeeper for the Chicago White Stockings – not the White Stockings that

  The American game of base ball was born on this date, June 19, 1846. That was the day a group of upper middle class men met on the grounds of the Elysian Fields in Hoboken, New Jersey to socialize, get a little exercise, and try out a new set of rules put down by


It has not yet been decided whether Old Dutch Classic Bats was born by accident or by destiny. Owner and founder Todd “Dutch” Eschman has been a lifelong fan and student of the game, especially its history and traditions. It was a warm autumn day in September of 2011 when he discovered an entire community of like-minded ladies and fellows playing base ball bare handed beneath the expansive legs of St. Louis’ Gateway Arch. He found vintage base ball and he was hooked.

At the same time, Eschman had been a wood turner, an enthusiasm he likely inherited from his grandfather, who had owned a lumber company in Belleville, IL until before his passing in 1957. These two interests have converged in the production of quality vintage base ball bats, which he now makes available to anyone who loves the game and its rich history through Old Dutch Classic Bats. As we say every day at Old Dutch Classic Bats, “choose your lumber, connect with history,” and always “strike well, good sir!”


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